Illinois Phonetics & Phonology Lab


Affiliated Faculty

Jennifer S. Cole Zsuzsanna Fagyal José Ignacio Hualde
Chin Woo Kim
Chilin Shih Ryan K. Shosted


Joseph Roy
Visiting Research Engineer
Marissa Barlaz
Lab Assistant
Suyeon Im
Lab Assistant
Sarah Johnson
Lab Assistant

Administrative Contacts

Lab Director (Prof. Ryan Shosted):

Visiting Research Engineer (Dr. Joseph Roy):

Lab Assistants:

Graduate Students

  • Mahmoud Abu-Nasser (Linguistics)
  • Rania Al-Sabbagh (Linguistics)
  • Claudia Crespo (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese)
  • Justin Davidson (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese)
  • Brad Dennison (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese)
  • Stéphanie Gaillard (French)
  • Marissa Goldrich (Linguistics)
  • Lauren Hetrovicz (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese)
  • Suyeon Im (Linguistics)
  • John Jang (Linguistics)
  • Farzad Karimzad (Linguistics)
  • Ji Young Kim (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese)
  • Eunah Kim (Linguistics)
  • Amelia Kimball (Linguistics)
  • Meng Liu (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Tatiana Luchkina (Linguistics)
  • Tim Mahrt (Linguistics)
  • Jui Namjoshi (French)
  • Jessica Nicholas (French)
  • Li-Hsin Ning (Linguistics)
  • Itxaso Rodriguez (Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese)
  • Daniel Scarpace (Linguistics)
  • Nicole Wong (Linguistics)
  • Di Wu (Linguistics)


  • Soondo Baek, Kookmin University (Ph.D., 2012)
  • Chris Carignan Department of English, North Carolina State University (Ph.D., 2013)
  • Shawn Chang, Department of English, National Taipei University of Technology (Ph.D., 2012)
  • Hahn Koo, San Jose State University (Ph.D., 2007)
  • Gary Linebaugh, Southern Illinois University (Ph.D., 2007)
  • Tae-Jin Yoon, McMaster University (Ph.D., 2007)
  • Marisol Garrido, Western Illinois University (Ph.D., 2008)
  • Amanda Huensch, University of South Florida (Ph.D., 2013)
  • Jessica Sertling Miller, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (Ph.D., 2008)
  • Young-il Oh (Ph.D., 2009)
  • Marianna Nadeu, Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, Pennsylvania State University (Ph.D., 2013)
  • Lisa Pierce, (Ph.D., 2013)
  • Erin Rusaw, University of Southern California (Ph.D., 2013)
  • Marco Shappeck, University of North Texas Dallas (Ph.D., 2008)
  • Miquel Simonet, University of Arizona (Ph.D., 2008)
  • Chris Stewart, University of Texas at Arlington (Ph.D., 2009)
  • Karen Lichtman, Foreign Languages and Literature, Northern Illinois University (Ph.D., 2012)
  • Boon Pang Lim, Institute for Infocomm Research (Ph.D., 2010)
  • Yoonsok Mo, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (Ph.D., 2010)
  • Eun Kyung Lee, Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Ph.D., 2011)
  • Hsin-Yi Dora Lu, National Taipei University of Education (Ph.D., 2011)
  • Chen-Huei Wu, National Hsinchu University (Ph.D., 2011)
  • Meg Osfar, Illinois-Intel Parallelism Center, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (M.A., 2011)
  • Su-Youn Yoon (Ph.D., 2009)

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