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We hope you will find the lab to be a welcoming and user-friendly environment. To ensure that all interested parties are able to use the lab to its fullest potential, we have formulated the policies on this page. Please feel free to make suggestions about how the lab could better serve your needs.

Lab Hours

Walk-in visitors to the lab are welcome. Please see the lab hours.

Audiometric booth

The audiometric booth is our highest-use facility. Please contact a Lab Assistant to find out how you can schedule a time to use the booth.You can also book the booth online through google calendar[account: uiuc.phonetics.lab at; password: phonetics].

Due to increased sound booth usage we ask that you comply with the following rules:

(1) Please schedule blocks of no more than two hours at a time in the sound booth.
(2) During the last five weeks of the semester please try to limit yourself to three hours per day.

Other resources

We anticipate that other resources in the lab will be available to you on a drop-in basis, during the posted lab hours.

Certain items of equipment are available for check-out. Please see a Lab Assistant for more details.


As you use the lab, we ask you to please be mindful of the following guidelines:

  • Make sure that your sound files are not archived for any considerable length of time on the lab computers or recording devices. These files will be deleted periodically in order to optimize the performance of the machines. You should make arrangements for archiving your data before you begin a project.
  • Send suggestions for helpful software to a Lab Assistant but do not download applications onto the computers without approval.
  • Help us maintain a quiet environment in the lab whenever recording is in progress, to assure the best performance of the facilities.
  • Take lab security seriously and report any irregularities promptly.

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